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DINNER AT 2000 m

Alpenstop night refreshment

We tell you about our night under the stars

 Today we want to tell you about our dinner at high altitude.

Having decided to participate in the Dinner at High Altitude event at 2000 m, after contacting the structure, in this case the Alpenstop restaurant in Pianalunga, we boarded the cable car.

To be perfectly honest, the manager kindly invited us, but that is the practice.

If you have never seen Alagna at night from above, with its beautifully lit rooftops, you absolutely must try it.

Not to mention the winter sky visible from Pianalunga, it seems you can touch the stars!

Illy Café' themed evening at altitude

Waiting for us was Luca Monfrini, the manager, a young entrepreneur who chose to leave the city to live in the mountains, which, with good food, is one of his strongest passions.

The evening's menu is entirely dedicated to Illy Coffee, skilfully used by Chef Corrado Resini to embellish the dishes ( the Chef is truly well-rounded, and beyond the theme evenings, he will always propose a wide variety of curious dishes ).

We are offered an aperitif that is by no means trivial, a tartare served in a cappuccino cup enriched with coffee powder paired with a good glass of prosecco.

We continue the evening tasting a fantastic risotto, a delicate wild boar dish and a sublime dessert. All accompanied by the detailed account of Davide Vialardi, agent of Illy Caffè. Trying new combinations, we are more aware that today's coffee cultivation is absolutely sustainable, so we feel more involved in the well-being of the planet.

A waltz around the Refuges at 2000 m

We tried this hut, but Grand Halte and Wittine Der Shoppf are also part of the 'Dinners at High Altitude' offer at 2000 m.

All the huts mentioned above are located along the ski slopes.

Contact them to find out about their culinary menus!

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