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Exploring Monte Rosa: Villages and Hidden Treasures

Welcome to Monte Rosa, where the majestic mountain merges with the enchanting surrounding villages, each with its own unique history.

Central Villages:

  • Alla Chiesa: A late Gothic church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, featuring artworks and tombstones that narrate the stories of local families. Precious monuments pay tribute to the fallen of the world wars.
  • Pedelegno: A medieval "Castle" transformed into a private residence, accompanied by a small square with a fountain dedicated to a local benefactor.
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  • Riale Inferiore: Here, the "Oratorio della Visitazione" and the chapel to the Blessed Virgin Mary speak of faith and art. A large stone cross commemorates a natural disaster.
  • Giacomolo: Historic buildings, including the home of theologian Giuseppe Farinetti and the Oratory of San Defendente, tell stories of individuals and families that shaped the area.
  • Resiga: Along the path to Valle d'Otro, an ancient sawmill powered by the cascade of Otro and an oratory dedicated to St. Anthony reveal local history.
  • Riale Superiore: The 18th-century "Apiario," where beekeeper Giacomo Bertoli produced the famous "honey of Monte Rosa," and the Oratory of San Pantaleone are hidden gems to discover.

Ancient Villages:

  •   Alla Chiesa: The Casa del Parroco Bruno with a Latin inscription and the Monte Rosa Hotel begin the journey into the ancient villages.  
  • Ponte: After the square of hotels, Ponte, rebuilt after a fire, narrates a tale of resilience.  
  • Pedemonte: A square with an ancient fountain and the Walser Museum represent history and culture.  
  • San Nicolao: This village takes its name from the chapel destroyed by a flood, with the Oratory of San Nicolao telling of faith and history.
  • Uterio: Ancient mills, a bread oven from 1676, and the oratories of Santa Maria Maddalena and St. Anne reflect tradition and faith.

High Villages:

  •   Goreto: An inscription of a 19th-century meteorological observatory reminds us of science and nature observation.  
  • In D'Ekku: Ancient Walser houses from 1568 are windows into the past.
  • In D'Stiz: A small village along a mule track offers a taste of mountain life.  

Each village of Monte Rosa is a journey into history and the beauty that enriches this magnificent region.

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