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Trekking Monterosa Italy Mountain: routes from Alagna Valsesia

With the arrival of warmer weather and the gradual melting of the snow, Monte Rosa becomes the ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. Hundreds of kilometers of trails re-emerge from under their white mantle after months of silence, offering experts and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to once again touch base with nature and its magnificent inhabitants.

From roe deer to chamois, deer to ibex and marmots to cute squirrels. Once again, our mountains teem with life, smell and sound of pure nature! Trekking on Monte Rosa is a unique adventure, which can be savored at a very high altitude (above 4,000 meters) or along the less demanding paths scattered around the town of Alagna, between 1,000 and 2,000 meters.

It is precisely this division between the peaks and valleys that will guide you while orienting yourself in the choice of easy itineraries where only few accessories are necessary, and the more difficult itineraries, where it is fundamental to be in shape, and have a certain type of technical background and importantly also rely on the company of a qualified alpine guide. Let's start with basic level treks to reach the most sought-after destination of all: Capanna Regina Margherita.


Those who love hiking in the mountain will discover endless opportunities for recreation in the areas surrounding the town of Alagna-Valsesia. The main itineraries of Monte Rosa are divided into 4 groups: trekking in Val D'Otro, trekking in the Vogna Valley, trekking in the Alta Valsesia national park and trekking under the Tagliaferro. Val d'Otro is the reference point for getting to know the history of the Walser population up close: in the 6 villages (Follu, Scarpia, Ciucche, Weng, Felljerc, and Dorf) a self-sufficient economy based on natural agriculture, herding and hunting, an example of perfect balance between man and nature is still being practiced.

Wilder but no less populated is the Vogna Valley, whose itineraries wind through the splendid Alpe Larecchio, the fascinating Vallone del Risuolo and the renowned and historic Maccagno Alp. Then there are the many paths of the Alta Valsesia Park, where you can reach higher altitudes up to the 2881 meters of Col d’Olen. Finally, there are the itineraries “under the Tagliaferro”, with trekking to Alpe Campo and Colle Mud.



With its 4,637 meters, Monte Rosa is one of the most challenging peaks in Europe. For those wishing to challenge this giant there are several options, the best known is the so-called Tour of Monte Rosa, nine trekking stages divided between the Swiss and the Italian sides, crossing the Turlo Pass, the Monte Moro Pass and of the major excursion points of interest of the massif.

A shorter and less tiring alternative in terms of time, distance and energy is the excursion to Capanna Margherita , the “queen” of the Alps, which is incidentally also famous for being the highest refuge in Europe (4,554 meters).  The trip to the Capanna Margherita is truly worth the effort and a veritable challenge for all, capable of gifting unforgettable emotional experiences to those who want to live the mountain to its fullest. It is strongly recommended to book a tour with the accompaniment of an authorized UIAGM mountain guide.


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