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Rifugio Quintino Sella al Felik

How to arrive

Bettaforca's pass
3 h
n° 9

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Refuge Quintino Sella at Felik

Built at a height of 3,585 meters on the slopes of the Felik glacier, Refuge Sella has a spectacular view of Gressoney and Monte Rosa. It was inaugurated in 1885 and was dedicated to the great mountaineer, scientist and politician Quintino Sella. In 1863 he was one of the founders of the Italian Alpine Club. It has 142 beds, a splendid and welcoming dining room with a panoramic corner, bar, reception, communal bathrooms and a heated area for storing and drying mountaineering equipment. The recent renovation in 2019 made the refuge welcoming, eco-friendly and sustainable, making it one of the buildings with the lowest environmental impact on Mont Rosa:

The renovated part of Quintino was built with an insulation system that guarantees more heat with less energy expenditure, the refuge uses only ceramic crockery and glassware, all traditional detergents have been replaced with detergents containing only plant-based surfactants, electricity is produced with an efficient solar panel system.

Refuge Quintino Sella is the base point for the ascent to Castore, which is one of the most accessible of all 4000 m peaks in the Alps. The refuge is also one of the stopovers on the Spaghetti alpine hiking tour, a spectacular hike of the summits of Monte Rosa that traverses the 4000m peaks of Mont Rosa at high altitude. The refuge is also a base for the ascent to Lyskamm West or crossing to go to Lyskamm East.

How to reach the Refuge?

The ascent to Refuge Quintino Sella: read here how to reach it
If you want to leave from Alagna, you have to use the ski lift to take you up to Gressoney.

When is the refuge open and closed?

Refuge Quintino Sella is open from mid-June to mid-September; keep an eye on when the refuge is open and closed on the website available here.  The refuge is always open, but in winter the unmanaged section sleeps 25 

How to book your stay at Quintino Sella Hut?

Complete your booking request by filling out the form available here

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