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The Mud Pass

A climb on well market path but steep and with many stairs


The path n. 208 stars from San Nicolao hamlet for the first few meters along the right bank of the Mud river, In about 1,30/2 h reachs the Mud houses. The trail then climbs to the refuge Ferioli in approximately 1 h and from there in 15 minutes to the pass. From here a long but very varius descent, leading to different pastures to the village of Rima, in about 1,30/2 h.

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The Mud valley, open in the lower valleys of Alagna and Riva, but wedged between the mountains Tagliaferro and Corno Mud, unites Rima San Giuseppe and Alagna . From trail n°8, which at this point overlaps the GTA's (Gran Traversata of the Alps) itinerary and the Great Walser Trail that connects the European colonies , is a steep, rather austere valley, but with a rich history, set between the mountains. The first part of the valley winds between larches and alders. On its path are beautiful stone steps which lead out onto the grassy alpen plateaus of Mud at a height of 1890 m where flocks of sheep graze during late spring while waiting to be moved to higher pastures. Alpe Mud still has beautifully preserved mountain huts built in stone with one side leaning entirely against the mountain and in winter avalanches slide off them without causing any damages. Refuge Ferioli is in the proximity of the Mud pass, with its beautiful terraces stretching towards the valley. Close to it is a poetic little terrace, like an eagle's nest, with views of Mont Rosa.

The Route From Alagna you can reach the hamlet Ronco where its possible to cross the torrent Mud. Trail n.8 leads to Colle Mud passing by the Alps Z'Isahus, lower Mud, Venghi and upper Mud.

Alternative routes and connections From the hill, trail n.96 leads to Rima.


Alagna, frazione Ronco 1254 m
1070 m
2,30 h
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