Start point: church of Alagna 1200 m
Drop: 200 m
Trekking time: 2 h
Difficulty: easy

With children: yes
Where to eat: Trattoria Fum Diss
Route number: no
By bike: yes

The walk for everyone: flat, panoramic, along the Sesia with ample spacet to play, picnic areas and “beaches” along the river.


The path follows the left side of the Sesia river. First part goes from Schenine bridge at the entrance of Alagnato the Balma bridge in Riva Valdobbia (30 min). Second part gos from Balma bridge to Gabbio bridge (15 minuti). Third part reach the Isolello bridge, goal of the tour. From Alagna to Isolello there are 5 km

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The terraces of Schennine  (Walser language for “to beautiful places “) is located between the town of Alagna and Riva Valdobbia on the left bank of the river Sesia. The gentle slopes between the mountains and the river were once completely cultivated. The large terraces are the result of a long process of land clearing and the subsequent construction of embankments and ditches for the use of subsistance farming, typical of mountain dwellers. It’s a form of architecture that sculpts the territory wonderfully and optimizes the space of which the mountain is so stingy. Today, a development project will once again bring to life a new season of crops in an area once abandoned, but within easy reach, to promote an agricultural economy of quality, while respecting the territory and its culture. This stage not only represents traditional agriculture and its past, but also its future.