Summer in Alagna

Have you ever seen the sunrise on Monte Rosa? Whether you are along the provincial road uphill or in the Natural Park, sunrise over the Rosa is an experience not to be missed; it's like slowly opening a curtain, the colors change from minute to minute.

Do you see that rock up there? It now resembles a horse and appears flat shortly thereafter.

Even the glacier is in motion, you can hear it crackle and the streams that flow below gurgle creating over time Marmitte dei Giganti.

 What are Marmitte dei Giganti?

You will find out by following the glaciological path (n 206) which from the Acqua Bianca Waterfall reaches the moraine of Fun D'Ekku. The most discovered Marmitte are located on Alpe Pile, they are a habitat for frogs and tadpoles and a fixed location for little explorers. The path is suitable for everyone, the landscape is variously composed of moraines, glacial cirques, boilers, mountain rocks and ancient mines.

Summer pastures come to life, first at the lower altitudes where the grass is already nutritious then, in late summer, at 2000 meters, with more fragrant herb. You will see flocks of sheep and herds of cows .. know that our De.Co products come from there, expertly processed in the mountain pastures. You will see the butter still made with the wooden churn, as in the past. Herds are often controlled by guardian dogs specially trained to protect the flocks from the assault of wolves. Don't be afraid, they are never let loose without the shepherd's supervision but don't get too close as they protect the livestock.

In the Alta Valsesia Natural Park you will find the Park House at Alpe Fum Bitz open. The Park Guards will show you the characteristics of the flora and fauna, you will visit the Botanical Garden and, on set days, your children will be able to participate in botany workshops.

Do you know that Alagna is following an absolutely Green line?

We care about our territory and we like it to be appreciated also for its sustainability.
We are also Orange Flag for the quality of life and that's not cheap !

Clean water and air, renewable energy, plastic free choices, and lots and lots of green!
In any club or refuge you can buy your personalized and above all reusable water bottle.

Numerous events dedicated to the mountains in summer.

 It starts in June with the traditional Mountain Guide Feast, the Sky Marathon Alagna Margherita and events related to the local wool and hemp supply chain, in July with a Fair entirely dedicated to mountain flowers with compositions, conferences and stalls, in August with Alagna Music Festival and with exhibitions-events related to the glacier.

A stop at the Walser Museum in Pedemonte is a must.

The Museum is open every day in July and August and one evening a week also at night: thanks to the pleasant narratives of Lorena and the use of lanterns, you will take a journey through time and it will seem to be in 1628, the year of construction of the house, imagining the life of that era that smelled of linen, hay, wood, ancient grains and smoke from chimneys.

Do you think  Walsers are only in Alagna? You will have to change your mind, the Walser population also settled in the Vogna Valley, we find evidence of it in some localities and in the houses, one of which, in the hamlet of Rabernardo, has become an Ethnographic Museum (open every weekend in July and every day in the two weeks central August - tel 3289292903).

case Walser museo di Pedemonte

Walser Museum in Pedemonte

Summer in Alagna is above all movement, dynamism. Numerous treks and climbs.

Whether you use the lifts (open from June to September) or leave the town on foot, it is imperative to be equipped correctly. If you are a beginner in discovering the mountains, the Tourist Office will provide you with a map of the area with lots of good advice on how to best organize your days.

 Thanks to the temperate and breezy climate, you can stay in Alagna even without having claims to mountaineering. The promenade along the river (Schennine locality) that connects our town with Riva Valdobbia, is popular at all hours of the day but especially on Mondays and Thursdays, weekly market days!

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