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The touristic fishing reserve of Varallo offers you the possibility to only do fly fishing and no-kill fishing for over a kilometre along the Mastallone stream, from the confluence of the Sesia to the “Ponte delle Folle”. Riffles and holes alternate with large runs, making fishing quite easy. These waters are rich in brown trout and rainbow trout, but it is not uncommon to also hook marble trout and its hybrids.

In this section the Sesia has one kilometre and 200 meters of deep riffles and runs surrounded by large gravel bars, after which the river then crosses the town of Scopello before opening again among the meadows. “Spying” from the three bridges that cross the river, you can comprehend how many trout and how many graylings live in this stretch. This fishing reserve opens every year in Spring. Here you can fish using the “Tocco” method, spinning or practice fly fishing without obstacles while any accompanying people or friends relax in the sun and wait for you.

The "Alta Valle Sesia" Tourist route

In the municipality of Alagna, two km’s of the Sesia contain average-sized brown trout and rainbow trout with some specimens even bigger. You can fish using any technique you prefer with a permit to catch 6 fish NO-KILL (Catch and Release system) to be used only for fly fishing using single barbless hooks.


La Selva

There is a no-kill fly fishing reserve on the Mastallone stream, from the lower border of the municipality of Cravagliana with Varallo, to the bridge of Pianaronda, Sassello and Meula, also in the municipality of Cravagliana,. Access to the Reserve is allowed to Supporting Members holding shares (allowed to a limited number of 20 members) and only for the "green section" (from the lower border of the municipality of Cravagliana con Varallo to the Ponte della Selva) also allows fishermen who have a daily permit that can be bought at local public businesses.

The Land Wasser Fishing Reserve

Only supporting members are allowed to fish here and all fishing techniques are permitted. This reserve is found in the Municipalities of Rimella, Fobello and Cravagliana, on the Mastallone stream from about 50 meters downstream of  Due Acque Bridge until the pedestrian bridge of the old mule track to Cervatto, and on the Land-Wasser stream from the confluence with the Mastallone upwards until the Madonna del Rumore.

The Piode Fishing Reserve

This reserve includes the section of the Sesia from Pila to Campertogno: seven kilometres of pristine waters rich in native populations of marble trout and grayling from the Po Valley, but also contains brown trout and rainbow trout. The Piode reserve is one of the most prestigious in Italy for fly fishing and only allows fly fishing using the catch and release system. Access is allowed with prior booking only and to no more than 6 fishermen at the same time.

The Egua stream
Splendid specimens of colourful brown trout, some even quite large in size, populate this splendid high mountain reserve. The stream is three kilometres long: from the confluence of the Dorca stream, a short distance upstream of lake Rimasco to Molino bridge and along the road that leads to Carcoforo. It is a reserve suitable for all techniques, but particularly interesting for fly fishing.

Sermenza stream

This high altitude mountain reserve is located next to the Egua reserve and has similar characteristics. It winds along for about three kilometres, from the Buzzo waterfall up to 200 meters upstream of the Quare Bridge, next to the road that leads to Rima and is easily accessible. Roe deer and chamois graze in the meadows that flank it. Brown trout and rainbow trout fishing in this reserve will always be a memorable experience.

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