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The Municipality of Alagna Valsesia has among its main objectives the pursuit of sustainable development of its territory through awareness-raising activities and the involvement of all those who, in various capacities, live in and frequent the area. To this end, a participatory process has been initiated with the intention of creating a tourism offer consistent with the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.

The Municipality of Alagna Valsesia, in collaboration with the Department of Management of the University of Turin and the Piedmont Region, has launched an eco-sustainability project called “Alagna Walser Green Paradise,” aimed at a drastic reduction in plastic waste and the corresponding decrease in the sale of plastic bottles. For this purpose, "Alagna Water Refill" (water refill dispensers) has been introduced at commercial establishments.

The project was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by many business owners, as demonstrated by the widespread introduction of water dispensers in bars, restaurants, and hotels. This positive response reflects the support and interest shown by industry operators in promoting sustainable practices and adhering to the principles of the "Alagna Walser Green Paradise" project.

It is essential to raise awareness among both residents and tourists about the importance of reducing environmental impact. Finally, it is highlighted how projects like this demonstrate that it is possible to reconcile economic development with environmental protection to safeguard and enhance the territory.

The final phase of the project, thanks to the valuable support of the Walser Tourist Consortium of Alagna Valsesia and the sponsors, is realized with the distribution of specially designed water bottles to participating commercial establishments, which will offer a refill service for still and sparkling water, and with the mapping of fountains where tourists can freely use public water. This initiative will allow people to discover the extraordinary water distribution network that has long powered mills, sawmills, washhouses, and fountains that have been central to the history and evolution of Alagna and Riva Valdobbia.

In an era where environmental protection is increasingly important, initiatives like this show that it is possible to pursue economic development without compromising our planet. Alagna, for its part, is trying!

A special thanks goes to the Piedmont Region and the University of Turin, and to all the commercial activities that believed in and supported the project.

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