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Winter in Alagna Valsesia

Alagna looks at ease in a winter dress; the pre-Christmas frenzy begins with the preparation of the ski slopes, the skating rink and with the arrival of Saint Niklos on December 6th.

San Nicolao is much revered in the town and above all in the small hamlet of Pedemonte where, in that period, a function is celebrated at the end of which sweets are thrown at all the children.

On the evening of December 5th you may see him go by with his faithful donkey.. Leave him some hay and some milk, he will bring you a small gift.

The little Alagnesi are very lucky, they receive gifts from both Santa Klaus. The magic of Christmas can be felt at every corner. In front of the Church you will find the nativity scene made in wood by the artisans of the town.

The statues are life-size and represent the nativity but they are also a sampling of the people of Alagna.. Have fun finding the similarities with the inhabitants!!

Along the streets of the town we find the traditional Christmas markets with musical corners and mulled wine.


Skis on! Whether you're a beginner or an expert in freeride, you can't resist the call of the snow.

Did you know that for many years we have hosted the people of the far north on a seasonal basis? Swedes, Norwegians and Finns have found here conditions and climate similar to their territories but with the added charm of the Alps and the warmth of mountain people.

Even now in the après ski bars you can hear people toasting by saying indifferently "Skoll or Gesundhait" (health in Swedish and titschu).

With the Scandinavians, an ancient and elegant way of skiing, with free heel, which almost seems like a dance, has also come back into vogue: Telemark! With this style, which allows great freedom of movement, you will need to revise your balancing skills.

The slopes and lifts are open every day from December to April!

For those who don't like downhill sports, but still want an approach to snow and nature, it is possible to rent cross-country skis and cover the 10 km of tracks that wind between Alagna and Riva Valdobbia with demanding tracks or flat loops.

Next to the slope there is also a small track dedicated to those who want to use snowshoes in an easy way, without particular difficulties and gradients. Ice skating is available for young and old.

You are in Alagna and it has just snowed?

Equipe yourself with snowshoes, now famous tools for walking in fresh snow. They are born to be able to move and work in snowy areas, they have become commonly used to visit the mountains.

No particurarly skill is required, just a little practice and a lot of desire to walk.

The most interesting itineraries are the ones leading to mountain huts; a nice plate of "Polenta" is the cure for all the hardships like sugar cube dipped in Genepy!

Have fun!

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