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Alagna Valsesia: Numbers of a tiny village

Alagna Valsesia is a tiny village: 400 inhabitants, 400 beds, 7 restaurants, 6 bars, 1 tobacconist, newsagent 1, 2 grocery stores, 1 sports items store , 2 clothing shops, a haberdashery, a ski rental shop and a dairy shop. A simple little town and it’s exactly for this genuine and intimate reason where life goes on, muffled but real. Early October is the time to book your ski holiday if you want to be sure to find what you are looking for. Here you will find all the tips to make the right choice:

  • If you have young children and are looking for help to manage them, your first choice is: the Mirtillo Rosso family hotel, a haven for young guests, not forgetting Mom and Dad.
  • Do you want constant views of Mount Rosa? Do you want to watch it from your bedroom, the bathroom, the breakfast room and the garden? Then you must choose a location in Riva Valdobbia, and your top choice is the B&B Tre Alberi Liberi: charm, breakfasts prepared with 0 km products and 5 star reviews!
  • If skiing, parties, long nights, and young people are a must for your holiday: Indren Hus social sports hotel is the right answer. The youngest zimmer in Alagna centers around the cult pub Freerider!
  • Looking for the log cabin in snowy meadows, the suspended time which stops between past and present in a separate dimension? Well, then the Agriturismo Alagna is your choice; surrounded by beech forests and meadows, it is built above Fattoria Muretto home to many cows, goats, chickens and dogs. And breakfast is strictly from the farm!
  • Want heliski freeride, snow with friends as your only request? Casa Smitt is for you: well cared for and spacious rooms, a short distance from the ski lifts, a villa that has spanned 150 alagnese tourism without losing an inch of its appeal!
  • If your skiing holiday is all indoors, skiing and wellness! Baita Walser Reale and Baite Rosa village huts offer one or two rooms perfect for families with small groups seeking informal space without sacrificing comfort with an adjoining spa.

All clear on how to choose the location? Now relax and continue reading.

La Banda Biscotti: inside the prisons of Verbania and Saluzzo, biscuits are produced; day by day, hopeful of a fairer justice, in a more welcoming community, with people less isolated and angry, and they make really delicious biscuits using excellent raw materials! Local Fair Trade products at 0 km. And do you know where you can buy them? In Alagna at the Dairy Farm of Fattoria Muretto.

Alagna is beautiful because it is true

Are you planning to have your holiday in Alagna Valsesia, near the Monte Rosa? Be warned: there are no supermarkets, shopping centers and nightclubs. We do however, have adventures to sell! If you want to ski on Mount Rosa, far from the usual trails and conquering virgin snow, put yourself in the hands of our expert guides who were born in these mountains, and they know them by heart! Have you ever heard of Alberto Zucchetti, Sergio Gabbio of Sbarde or Boris? The ultimate holiday for freeriders passes through them.

Ski School? Mao, Daiana, Stephen, Elena, Pico, Toti, Tiziana, Corinne, Bamby. Lorena is at the Walser museum, who sometimes accompanies you to also do some amazing snowshoeing. At the restaurant Dir un Don you will find the legendary Ciccio, a specialist in Southern wines, and at the Union restaurant, Paola made the dish raclette a myth and at Ca Nosta, Graziella is unmatched in the art of making desserts. So when you come to Alagna you will get to know all of them!

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