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Capanna Gnifetti: the Refuge Season never ends

Capanna Gnifetti Opening 2020: the Refuge Season never ends!

Capanna Gnifetti hut opening

The trip to Refuge Margherita is one of the most sought-after experiences by climbers from all over the world. Reaching a height of 4554 m a.s.l and gazing out at the world from above without necessarily being a champion mountaineer entices and conquers enthusiasts and for this reason the peak of Gnifetti has become an experience much desired in recent years. The climb in fact does not involve particular technical difficulties. There are no exposed points and rocks to climb over, but it is a long trek on the snow to be tackled using a rope, and accompanied by alpine guides, obviously, as it reaches 4554 meters. This hike is not impossible for those who have a good fitness level, which would allow them to walk uphill for 4 or 5 hours.

2020 has a great surprise in store for us: Refuge hut Gnifetti, foothold for the ascent to Refuge Margherita and the peak of Gnifetti, will remain open from February 23 to October 13. This extended period will allow us to experience Monte Rosa from many points of view, with different levels of difficulty, to the delight of all enthusiasts. Refuge Gnifetti is an ambitious choice, which opens up new opportunities for you to get to know and climb Monte Rosa.
Let's see in detail what the continuous timetable of Gnifetti will mean to mountaineers.

February 23 to April 12 means that the ski mountaineering season will be very long. You can reach Refuge Margherita on skis, reaching Indren 3275 m by cable car and then continue further using climbing skins for an hour until you reach refuge Gnifetti to be ready in the early morning for the long awaited climb. Only the winter area of Refuge Margherita will be open but the views and the glacial environment will be unparalleled.

From April 14 to June 27: Refuge Gnifetti will be like a snow queen, isolated and beautiful, perched on the rocks of the Garstelt glacier. To reach it, it will be necessary to walk up from Alagna just as the pioneers of mountaineering did. This is not an adventure for everyone, and it will fill those coming to explore the mountain with an ancient spirit of satisfaction, and refuge Zar Senni in Otro will be waiting for you. It is definitely a more demanding climb, but this is precisely the reason why you have come…sheer satisfaction.

From June 27 to September 11: the mountaineering season comes alive, the lifts reopen as well as Refuge Margherita where it is also possible to stay overnight. Keep in mind that the Monterosa Refuge Season is busy and intense and all trips must be booked well in advance.

From September 12 to October 13: the lifts are closed, but the larch forests in autumn will guide the most determined mountaineers between the colors of the valley floor and the white of the glaciers. It is a climb that we have almost forgotten, but which is made possible again thanks to Monterosa Refuges MGB Ltd .

All you have to do now is grease your boots and check that your gaiters, crampons and headlamp are in place. We will take care of the rest.

Look at our proposals based on Refuge Gnifetti, Queen of the Ice 2020.

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