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Suspended between two dizzying walls, aerial and elegant, the Lyskamm traverse is one of the great classics mountaineering experience on Monte Rosa. A piece of history on your bucket list.

Known for being one of the most technical traverses in the Alps, it connects the two main peaks of Lyskamm: the east summit (4,533 meters) and the west summit (4,479 meters). Advanced skills in ice and rock climbing are required, along with good physical endurance.

Embark on a three-day alpine adventure in the heart of the Monte Rosa massif, leave behind the daily routine, and focus on your new mountaineering goal. Summit six peaks towering over 4000 meters: Pyramide Vincent (4215 m), Corno Nero (4321 m), Ludwigshöhe (4342 m), Punta Parrot (4435 m), Punta Zumstein (4563 m), and Punta Gnifetti, home to the iconic Capanna Margherita (4554 m) – the highest refuge in Europe.

An intense four-day program, designed to explore the Monte Rosa massif by climbing 5 of its 4000m peaks to learn the “cramponnage” technique, self-rescue maneuvers and how to safely walk in a roped party on a glacier without losing sight of important objectives.

If you think that climbing an ice waterfall is crazy, you're wrong!

Winter ice is magical, silent, arabesque and shiny. Ice climbing is an incredible experience, less difficult than you'd expect, it will light you up with adrenaline and sometimes even make you fall in love. In Gressoney the waterfalls of the Nicchia, Punta Iolanda, the Ypsilon and Lys Balma are our favorite gym.

In this course we will learn the fundamental of ice climbing in 4 days of study and practice. Excellent course for those who want to approach mountaineering.
Safety, piolet traction, triangle progression, materials and training are the goals we aim to achieve while introducing you to the world of ice water with professionality and competence.

If you've dreamt of reaching the summit of the second highest peak in Europe, the program Monte Rosa Top stage is perfect for you. Scaling the 4633 meters of Punta Dufour, following a gradual acclimatization program with a progressive approach to basic alpine climbing techniques, is the goal you should set for yourself if you aim to reach one of the highest peaks of the old continent.

We offer a meticulously designed itinerary, created to lead you to the summit of Punta Dufour through gradual progressions. This allows you to harmoniously approach techniques such as cramponing, rock climbing, and ridge passages, without stress

Climb to Dufour Peak

If mountaineering is in your DNA and your new goal is to reach the highest peak of Monte Rosa, our mountain guides are ready to take you to Punta Dufour at 4634 meters.

Punta Dufour, known as Dufourspitze in German and Pointe Dufour in French, is named after Guillaume-Henri Dufour, the coordinator of the first Swiss cartography project.
This alpine ascent is reserved for those with a good understanding and experience of high-altitude mountaineering. It is a challenging summit with rock and mixed routes, offering a captivating experience that provides unforgettable emotions.

Due to the difficulty of the excursion, we will require mountaineers to submit a curriculum vitae detailing their ridge experiences, high mountain climbing, proficiency with crampons, and physical fitness. Therefore, before booking the ascent to Punta Dufour, we recommend a trial climb such as Cresta del Soldato, during which our guides will assess your level of preparation.

Punta Dufour is also a recommended excursion for all mountaineers aiming to climb Mont Blanc.

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