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From the Bettaforca pass to the refuge Quintino Sella

The ascent from the Bettaforca pass to the Quintino Sella refuge is a very pleasant and well-marked path that is exciting but not tiring.


From Alagna you will first reach Staffal in Gressoney via cable car and then continue further, still using the cable car, up to the Bettolina pass. From the pass, just beyond the arrival station of the chairlift, trail no. 9 will lead you to the Quintino Sella refuge. The first part of the trail, up to Colle Bettolina at 3,100 m., is an easy and comfortable hike; it becomes steeper and more technical shortly after. It continues higher up along a path with artificial steps and fixed ropes leading up to the ridge which is exposed in some parts but well aided. There is also a small, but sturdy wooden bridge to cross, that facilitates hiking on a particularly tight stretch. The last part of the trail climbs up between 3300 and 3500 m and even though it is often covered in snow from the beginning of the season to the end of July, the trail is generally well-trodden. You must however remember that a phone call to the refuge to ask about hiking conditions is an absolute must.

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The refuge Quintino Sella was inaugurated on August 15, 1885. It was a small wooden hut with 15 beds built to be used by alpinists and mountaineers. After being renovated in 1907 it was entrusted to the management of an alpine guide from Alagna, Giovanni Guglielminetti, followed in 1910 by the Gressonari Giovanni, Mariano and Camillo Roveyaz, who took care of the refuge for 60 years and carried out meticulous restoration and conservation work to preserve its cultural heritage. After some structural expansion in 1924, the hut became the reference point for the ascents to Castore and Lyskamm and in 1977 a project for its renovation was launched. This project led Quintino Sella to be what it is today: a refuge with low environmental impact and demonstrating optimal management of such a delicate ecosystem. The hike to refuge Quintino Sella is within the reach of many, however it does require training and the ability to hike on an aided route, but it is a trip that will never be forgotten.
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Bettaforca pass 2727 m
858 m
3 hours
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