Start point: frazione pedemonte
Drop: no
Trekking time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy

With children: yes
Where to eat: Montagna di Luce
Route number: no
By bike: no

A nice walk in the heart of the antique hamlpets of Alagna: the Ronco


Go to Pedemonte (900 m from Alagna centre) and follow the road 100 m after the hotel Montagna di Luce. There stast the path for the hamlet Ronco (10 min). Better avoid to use the car to reach Pedemonte because of the lack of parking places

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The bread oven of Ronco sits well-balanced on the mountain slopes which becomes steeper from Pedemonte. The small hamlet of the bred oven is a small conglomerate of houses kissed by the sun. As in all villages, here too you will find a bread oven built in the middle of the hamlet. It is built in stone with wooden beams and leans onto a dry-stone wall of a nearby house. The date 1618 has been engraved on an external wall. An iron door closes off the baking and combustion chamber. After the restoration the stones have been replaced with refractory bricks. Opposite in a covered space, the crates for the dough and wooden shelves for the baked bread are placed, everything ready for bread baking which happened twice a year in the past, in spring and in autumn.

The oven works perfectly and is still used on special occasions now as then, for social get together events and celebrations. This is where the production chain linked to grain ends, the previous stop over being the mills of Uterio.