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Easter in shape? Tips and tricks

31 March Easter, the smell of spring, birds singing and flowers already sprouting even in Alagna, but we still feel like skiing! Read our proposals to enter the warm season in perfect shape! The Monterosa ski resort is open until 14 April!

4 turns on the move!

Set off on a breathtaking descent from Passo dei Salati, all the way down the Vallone d'Olen, a black slope, but what a fun ride!

Stop in Pianalunga for a drink at the Alpenstop and then down again to the Grande Halte at Mimmo's, and finally a pit stop at the Wittine DerShoppf is a must!

Still not satisfied? You can take the gondola again and from the Passo dei Salati do some legwork towards Gressoney and Champoluc!

Are you a passionate lover of small treks?

Do you like skiing but the scent of spring and the first green grass drags you towards paths that are already passable?

We have what you're looking for… if you want to breathe deeply and admire the beauty of the Walser hamlets, we'll take you for a walk in Valle Vogna where time has stood still. As you walk along the beautiful sunny path of the high hamlets, you can wander among old stone walls and majestic wooden beams, come across small glimpses of daily life and stumble across flocks of goats scattered here and there.

Don't you want to pass by the Pastore Hut?

You are in Alagna and you cannot miss the walk to the Rifugio Pastore!

We are in the Alta Valsesia Natural Park area and the ibexes are its guardians. With circumspect eyes, they will lead you up to Rifugio Pastore, towering above the majestic south face of Monte Rosa. Spectacular views guaranteed!

Scattered patches of snow will make the spring air crisp, but after the exertion of the route, the hut kitchen is a due reward!

Oh, I forgot, you are in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen, the Capanna Margherita, so don't forget to bring a good pair of binoculars!

A run to Otro Valley?

If the trail permits, a ride to the Zar Senni refuge in the Otro valley is a must.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will be left speechless, what can you say about such marvels?

The little white church, the refuge, 4/5 hamlets, the oldest ones to be visited… what more could you want? We expect lots of photos here

We want you as an 'iron arm' on the move

If you want to work your muscles in the gym, you have to go! Our climbing gym is indoor and you will be welcomed by our Guide Corps. Simple routes, complex routes, there's something for everyone! For ice cream flavours, on the other hand, you will find the Der Gourner bakery next door!

If you want to become an armourer, you must land in Alagna!

For times and lessons have a look here

For rafting and rafts you have to wait

We won't forget you river pirates, but we can't make it by Easter!

We have to wait a little longer, but for those who want to here we have all the contacts!

…and for a fit mind?

We are well versed in culture, so to keep your mind sharp we take you on a tour of our Walser Museum in Pedemonte. On 30-31 March and 1 April, a visit to the museum is recommended. Casa Daverio next door is also worth a look.

Here all the timetables and some more info!

If you didn't arrive breathless, then you have room to sip an excellent aperitif in our bars, from the most extravagant cocktails to our infamous Genepy … and as a final reward for this 'fit Easter' enjoy a nice gargantuan dinner in one of our typical restaurants!

If you feel satisfied, we look forward to seeing you in the summer, here you will find everything you need for your next SUMMER IN SHAPE!

Stay tuned!

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