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Capanna Margherita in the summer: more snow, more adventure!

The winter season which has just ended has confirmed a trend common to many Alpine resorts. Little snow at lower altitudes, and only for a limited period. In some countries the first flakes were seen in late January, and in others even in February. Luckily here in Alagna snow is plentiful, thanks to its altitude and position which ensure snowfalls in our territory as soon as the temperatures drops. But in this small oasis of peace in the Western Alps there's much more: if the meadows are green and blossom again in Alagna, there is a place where the thrill of adventure and fresh snow will last for many more months. We are talking about the one and only
Capanna Regina Margherita, which stands at a height of 4454 meters above sea level and the queen confirms, in every sense, that it holds the unbeatable record to date of being the highest refuge in Europe. Here, there is still much snow, and there will be snow until the summer. Why not take advantage of it? Here are some ideas on what to do!


For those who love the outdoors and the mountains, Capanna Regina Margherita is an absolute must. The view from up here is spectacular, the air absolutely clear and clean, the silence priceless ... while within the structure perched on a rock, there are plenty of amenities:

  • Sleeps 70 people in rooms with bunk beds
  • Bar and restaurant, shared bathrooms and electric lighting
  • 220v current and WiFi and Internet access
  • library with a selection of reading on mountaineering and more

This mix of extreme landscape and modernity is the strength of Capanna Margherita. It is a magical place where you can among other things, practice ski mountaineering using skis or snowboard. But how can you experience this thrill above 4,000 meters? And from which point is it safe to start your hike

There are mainly three holiday packages already available. Have a look at the descriptions below and see what they consist of and what the costs and duration are:

  • 2 day excursion
    The quickest and easiest formula to visit the hut. In the company of a qualified UIAGM guide your hike starts from the beautiful tip of Indren and climbs to Capanna Gnifetti, where you dine and spend the night in a room. The next day you start the roped hike at the light of dawn to reach the refuge: Queen Margherita, for the usual photo taking and dutiful celebratory toast.
  • 3 day excursion
    With an extra day you can sleepover at capanna Regina Margherita. After admiring the sunset, you have the opportunity to dine and sleep the night in the refuge. The next day starts with a hearty breakfast and a visit to Christ the Vette and Pyramid Vincent, two of the 4000m peaks of the Monte Rosa massif, and then descends to Indren and Alagna, always in the company of UIAGM guide.
  • Ski mountaineering with capanna Gnifetti as basecamp. 
    The most suitable program for those who want to prolong the winter until spring. Capanna Gnifetti, open until May 7 is the ideal base for numerous ski mountaineering routes over 4000 where the snow is still very good.

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The town of Alagna Valsesia is the ideal starting point to reach the heights of Monte Rosa, both in winter and summer. The name "gateway" is not accidental: if we look at the Italian side, Alagna is really a must stopover for climbers and freeride enthusiasts. Hospitality in these parts is tradition, and is tangible in the wide selection of top quality hotels and, B & B, residences, refuges and campsites for those who love holidays en plein air.

Book now your Summer stay in Alagna Valsesia!

Summer in Alagna offers plenty of activities, from fishing to rafting, from climbing to cycling, from trekking to mountaineering ... and depending on the weather conditions you can also safely enjoy ski touring, accompanied by qualified guides who know the mountain and will accompany you on the snow without risking danger. We strongly recommend booking all tours and packages for Capanna Regina Margherita well in advance, which is very popular especially now that the official opening date is approaching.


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