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Suggestions for a weekend in true Green Walser Paradise style

Can a house with a peristyle colonnade be a man’s temple?

Haste, confusion and anxiety are the common denominators of this historical period, but what if we had a choice to change to a slower rhythm and seek a new balance in a hamlet tucked away in the mountains? In Alagna we allow ourselves to be guided by Walser tradition, which has the ability to cross 1000 years of history, for that perfect balance between nature, anthropization and climate change.

Accommodation in a Walser cabin

The hotel Montagna di Luce is a renovated mountain hut with cosy, beautiful rooms and a fantastic breakfast lounge; baita Bonda is a house built in 1600. It is a short walk from the ski lift, and you can be assured of the privacy of a stand-alone apartment and a magnificent view; the residence Mirtillo Blu accommodation is the ideal place for families: it is a modern structure in a renovated Walser village and perfect for a peaceful holiday immersed in a pleasant environment. It is a classic log cabin with all the modern comforts, but it is steeped in a rich and fascinating history, the perfect solution to help you reconnect with your inner balance!

Do you know about our truly genuine products with the Deco label?

Alagna labels the cheeses and cured meats and salamis produced in the municipal area with the acronym Deco (denomination of municipal origin). What does a Deco branded product guarantee? They are products made from the animals that are raised in the pastures of Alagna. These products represent the value of sustainable development, they undergo rigorous checks, and they contribute to the management of the territory. Our advice? Ask for Deco products in the Zam Tachi and Montagna di Luce restaurants, at the Fum Diss trattoria and the Biancaneve farmhouse agritourism! We can't wait to hear your opinion

Visit our farms and buy your market products directly from the dairy farm

From October to March the cows are kept in the barn, so it is the right time to take a walk to go and visit and get to know the animals. The farm Muretto has an adopt a cow program; why don’t you pop in for a visit, strolling through the high-lying hamlets of Alagna, and discover how this family was able to nurture an ancient business successfully with innovation and devotion. The farmhouse Cascina Felice is the mecca of 0 km products (from the field to the consumer directly) where farmers Fabio Diego and Mirco produce excellent cheeses like toma, ricotta, primo sale, and butter and yoghurt. If you take walk along the beautiful trail Shenine (which means "to beautiful places” in German Walser) be sure to stop by their farmstall for a visit. They would love to meet you. In the centre of Alagna you will find the dairy shop called la Latteria. It is a farm shop where you can buy genuine and wholesome products supplied by the farm Muretto. Take our advice, try Zigru. It is a seasoned sour cheese, typically Walser. This cheese has a particular taste, but its flavour will most certainly surprise you.

Take a walk to the Walser Museum and enjoy the spectacular view of the hamlet Pedemonte

From the centre of Alagna to Pedemonte there is a footpath of about 900 m to reach the most famous and photographed hamlet of Alagna. Everybody loves Pedemonte: not only because of the perfectly preserved and intact Walser homes, the surrounding meadows and the monumental fountain set in the centre of the square which has dutifully been flowing for the past 600 years but also for the  Walser museum which tells the story of a simple but harmonious life with nature. The museum is open on 7 and 8 December, from 26 December to 6 January and every Thursday from 10 to 12.30.

Go to Gressoney on the ski lifts and meet our cousins

Alagna and Gressoney are first cousins! And even if the distance between us is 200km by car, it is only 13km as the crow flies. The Lys valley and the Valsesia are joined by the Olen and the Zube passes, and these are the two passes that the Walser of Gressoney crossed 900 years ago to colonize Alagna. Travelling between the two Walser municipalities today is very simple: using the Monterosa Ski lifts you can move from one town to the other in less than 1 hour. We suggest you spend a day in Gressony and experience the similarities and differences between the two towns. How will you get there? Take the cable car to Passo dei Salati, get off at Staffal and take the shuttle to reach Gressoney in 5 minutes. The town square, with the beautiful church of S.S. Trinity and the small cemetery, the Walser eco-museum and the headquarters of the  Guides of Monte Rosa is a spectacle to behold.
Would you like some advice on where to take a break? We are crazy about Castore & Polluce lounge bar & wine restaurant and Wongade restaurant
If you decide to stay in Gressoney for the night, at the Wongade, an original 17th century Walser house, you will find truly fascinating rooms and if you are a lover of tradition, ask for room number 2; it worth the trip!

Relax in the Flower spa in the village Baite Rosa

The small Flower spa in the village Baite Rosa have what you need to get back into shape: a Bio-sauna, massages and light therapy showers.

Buy the book Alagna Valsesia. Census of the ancient log cabins by Alrialdo Daverio…

and learn about the architecture of Alagna and its author. Daverio was the first to launch an appeal to save the surviving testimonies of that construction miracle, which makes the human landscape of Alagna a heritage to be jealously preserved. The German colony of Alagna has left us an exceptional testimony visible in the harmonious architecture of the wooden houses and in the many villages that make up this community. The book is a survey of the wooden houses of Alagna, grouped by area, photographed and each with a brief description.

A Walk among the villages of Valle Vogna

A wild and rugged valley in some places, but at the same time, cultivated and fascinating with its many Walser villages; it is a land full of contrasts and seduction. Taking a walk in the Vogna valley you are transported into a dimension in the past, where time is suspended and the slow rhythm of nature is the lord of the land; allow a guide to accompany you, the only person who can introduce you to all its secrets.

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