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Routes and Walks around Alagna Valsesia and Monterosa

Alagna is like a picture book. Routes and Walks Walking through the streets and the surroundings if you leaf through the pages. Every corner tells a piece of his centennial history. The different aspects of this community are revealed in the eyes of the beholder. The houses in the Walser architecture, with their play of solids and voids, are on the cover of the book but there is much mor . The small window of the soul hides the intense relationship with death, the white stone on the roof the fear of ” not known ” , ovens , fountains , mills , work organization design a company of the municipality , the sharing and evidence of a culture of know-how.

Trekking Monterosa for any tipe of visitors

The history and topography of the area of Alagna make it a place of great interest, which offers numerous trekking possibilities for hikers, climbers and visitors passing through . The balanced harmony between human activity and the alpine territory is already evident at first glance and environmental restoration in place in recent years, specializing progressively Alagna as mountain country, proud of its origin and tradition.





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